Everyone enjoys a bit of stalking... right?!

Errmm...ok, but it can't be just us?! As it's now estimated that 1/2 the worlds online population are using Facebook it would seem crazy not to represent your business with at least one of the key social media players.

But what do you say? What do your stalkers (sorry, I mean "friends" and "followers") want to hear?

More importantly, with a business to run, when are you actually going to find the time to say the right things at the right time or create a cover image that will look great across all devices, to stop them stalking one of your competitors instead? (oooh! they are fickle)

What if they want more than a 140 character status update? What then?!

me&em have got the tools and talent to help conquer your digital marketing fears

Using Social media tools and / or a dedicated email marketing platform (there are just too many features for us to explain how awesome it is) we'll gain a  better understanding of what makes your customers tick in order to keep them stalking you and recommending you to other stalkers (oops! I mean "friends" and "followers")