web design

We build websites... no not out of LEGO®

lego diagramAlthough we do tend to use the following analogy...


We use an award winning "CMS" (content management system for all you non geeks!)

Think of the "CMS" as a single brick!

It's pretty impressive on it's own, with lots of potential...

  • Responsive design (optimise it's layout for mobile / tablet / desktop)
  • Ability to edit and manage your website
  • News / Blog
  • User management
  • & loads more

Now think of smaller brick! (this is functionality - like a gallery / slideshow / video).

We can now add this functionality by clicking this brick onto the 'core' brick.


What is all this LEGO® nonsense? These guys are clearly unhinged!

Please stick with us, there is some method in our madness...

If we were to create each brick from scratch (design and engineer the mould, pour the plastic etc) it would be a very expensive process. However, (much like LEGO®) by rummaging through the box and hand-picking the right 'pre-built bricks' we can add complex functionality for a fraction of the cost!

Sure, these 'bricks' might not look like much on their own (and we might customise them a bit to make them more bespoke) BUT with a bit of imagination we can click them together and create amazing websites!!

And what's great is that you can keep on adding bricks, add some now...or later, let your website grow with your business.


My kids can build LEGO® - Why do I need me&em?

You're right! There are lots of 'build your own' website platforms, some good, some just plain ol' bad!

Imagine sitting down in front of a huge tub of LEGO® (we're talking 'internet' huge). You know the basic idea of what you want to achieve but you've no real instructions.

You start sorting through all these weird and wonderfully shaped bricks trying to find the right sizes and the right colours (so it's the right shape but the wrong colour...it'll be ok! Right?)

Now throw in a few 'unbranded bricks' that 'seem to fit' but might just make the whole structure fall to pieces when you least expect it.

It seemed easy! (much like plumbing the kitchen...but now your cooking in a swimming pool)